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At Giant Tube your big & tall muscle hunk dreams will come true. You can purchase videos featuring your Giant muscle man in the store. You can purchase videos of your Giant performing lift and carry as well as comparison of size, bodies and strength. Your Giant is very massive and powerful! He offers lift & carry, wrestling, and big & tall muscle domination videos with big power and many demonstrations of his strength. These all can be found under the video trailer section in this site. Watch your big, powerful & tall Hunk in his videos: Lift and carry, wrestling, muscle domination, and comparison of myself against men!

Lift and Carry

He is the tallest Giant around by far, and he makes videos about lifting and carrying. He is the tallest and the biggest muscle man on the internet with videos available for your viewing pleasure. That`s right! Here you can see your Giant lifting, carrying, and dominating with is huge muscles! The lift and carry videos are very famous in the USA, and around the world! I love all my fans. Your Hunk is not just a tall guy; he is the tallest man around! Not to mention his big and strong muscle- bound body! Your Giant can lift you up with one hand or your Hunk can carry you with his 2 big and long arms. Please watch my video trailers if you would like to see it with your own eyes!

Size Comparison

You will be amazed at the size and strength of your muscular Giant as compared to regular sized men. He and his huge muscles dwarf all others by comparison. See for yourself on one of his video trailers.


Wrestling is an art form, a dance if you like. It requires strength, agility and concentration; only a select few have the talent to participate in real wrestling. Fighting is mere play; it requires no skill; any douche can fight. Your muscle Hunk doesn’t wanna dance, he wants to wrestle! Anyone can learn to dance, but not everyone can wrestle!


The muscle Hunk is powerful and loves to make videos about lifting and carrying men and wrestling with his amazing strength and tall body. Your muscle hunk makes videos available to you in the store. Enjoy the opportunity and check out the videos of Your Giant!


The Giant likes to compete and compare other men with his tall body. if you would you like to have a session with your tall Hunk, then write to Your Giant now! He offers sessions of lift and carry, size comparison, wrestling, boxing or dominating. Your Giant is ready and waiting for you. But you have to come to the tall man’s home-city to meet him. You will be amazed! A session will provide you with the chance to participate in a thriling and amazing experience with this very rare and stunning Giant. A session with a 7’1”, 350 pound, muscular and powerful Giant will create great memories that will last a lifetime. Videos are wonderful but nohting compared to having a real life session with Your Giant.

Act in a Video with Your Giant

I am also looking for actors to be featured in my future videos! I would love to make many more videos together with you that would feature lift & carry, big muscle domination, wrestling or other things for his Giant Tube Video production! Please go to the “Contact me” section to the site and drop me a line!

Quotes of The Giant

Your Giant, quotes with a big smile, “I just want to be the tallest Giant around by far.. always and everywhere! In kindergarten, grade school, and high school i had the same goal. During my military time Your Giant had to get a special XXXXL uniform and special over-sized boots and they told your Giant: You have to be the tallest soldier we`ve ever had! We can’t remember a taller one!” The big Hunk loves doing sports as well! Your Giant quotes:”That’s true: He is a passionate boxer and power-lifter! I also like biking, jogging, and swimming! Your Hunk likes wrestling too! Once pinned in one of his wrestling moves (Bearhug! Scissorhold! Coverpin!), the opponent will never get free again. The big Hunk is too heavy! Too overwhelming! Too strong! Your Giant is just too tall and muscle-bound to fight against.”


The first videos Giant is planning are some new lift and carry videos in the near future. I am looking for men who would like to act in these videos. These videos will feature many, many lift and carries! Your Giant has great fun making this videos! He is looking for actors in upcoming lift and carry, size comparison, wrestling, and domination videos. Maybe the Giant Tube site will have a new video section! Did you see your big and tall giant in a video that you particularly enjoyed? Please do not hestidate to contact me via the “Contact Me” page and send me your ideas, suggestions, and wishes for new videos. The lifts are always absolutley stunning. The tall and powerful Hunk will let you feel the thrill and exhilaration of being lifted and carried and dominated. You will enjoy it, and will never forget making these special videos.

Actors or clients must be 18 years of age or older.

Messages from your Giant