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FAQ-Frequently Asked Questions

What is Giant Tube.com

Giant Tube.com is the online video download shop of “Dennis The Giant”, providing videos for fans of “Giant Tube”, to support himself firsthand (because it’s my shop!). If you have a special desire, you would like to be fulfilled for a long time, do not hestitate to contact me. In most cases i can produce videos within some weeks, unless i need additional actors.

Can i meet the Giant

This depends largely on the reason of the meeting. You can meet me: if you are an avid fan if you are a actor if you are a supporter if you have good idears for new videos if you life in Germany or travel to Germany In this case, be happy because you have a chance: to meet the Giant to act in a video on www.giant-tube.com - The video will be for you for free! that your most hidden desires will be fulfilled - for free This is your chance to get what you usually have to pay!

Why is there so little media on the site?

giant-tube is quite recently online, since 2009. Since then, the site is in a process of permanent developement and progress. This means for me that i will offer only high quality material and not inundate my page with spam. I have the focus on quality, not quantity. Moreover it’s up to you how many videos you will find here. Since most of the videos are produced on request previously. I essence, every video set is possible. If you have another wish, do not hesitate to contact me.

What do i offer?

Giant Tube.com offers a variety of ways to satisfy your preference or your wish as my costumer. My zeal is to offer you the best high-quality films coupled with the service that covers your needs exactly, so i offer you videos to the highest possible quality. To ensure that the Web site is always in a progress of pregression, i will adapt my site to the special needs and the changing demands of my costumers. In addition, the satisfaction of my costumers is my top priority, which is why you should not be shy and tell me your desires. I will consider your wishes and contact you in any case. Contact me and let me know your desires, they may come true!

Can i act in a video?

Yes you can! You may become an actor in the next video with me - “The Giant” I accept requests of all types of films. Hardcore films are not produced, this is not a porn site or anything else! You can be part of the production and make films with me (even groups).

Payment by PayPal

Secure payment and direct download.

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment service that lets you pay at online stores securely, easily and quickly - and free.


Your bank or credit card details are stored only on PayPal. Therefore, they are not send with every online purchase over the internet again.


You pay with two clicks. Because you rely on your bank deposit with PayPal or credit card information, rather than with each purchase enter again.


PayPal payments will arrive quickly. This allows the seller to send download links directly automated. Sign in to use the PayPal emmediately: 1. Sign up for a PayPal account. www.paypal.com 2. Link you bank account or credit card with your PayPal account. 3. And already you can pay with Paypal