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Giant Tube relaunch! After my illness I am now back healthy and attack again. I have a completely new member area. Brand new live cam area and new video categories. New videos online since December 18, 2019 and the next January 1, 2020. I now produce regularly and much more than ever before. You will get soon: Lift & Carry Videos, Body Update Videos, Workout Videos, Food Videos, Live Cam Chat Videos / Recorded Live Cam Videos (Platinum Member), Compare Videos, Feet Videos and much more as requested.

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Giant Lift and Carry Sex Movies

This page is about The Giant, a 7’1ft huge muscle hunk as well as 350 lbs muscle-packed, video actor.

In addition to his original profession, he runs a small gay fetish amateur video production for customers all over the world.

The Giant bodybuilder offers in his own gay amateur video production already the following categories in his member area:

Giant & Tiny Sex, Lift & Carry Porn, Lift & Carry, Compare Videos, Domination Videos, Best of Videos of each categorie, Feet Videos, Woman Videos, Body Updates, Workout Videos and alot other Videos online as stream. All that gay lift and carry porn videos, big and tall gay muscle hunk videos, great large giant feet fetish videos, giant and tiny men sex videos and giant vs. small man worship and compare videos.

This kind of videos and videos on request you can video on demand in the member area.

It all started in 2009 with a video recorded in the swimming pool, which he spontaneously uploaded to YouTube, which appeared there within a short time in the TOP 3 sports charts.

The response was tremendous, and he received many inscriptions, all of them asked for the full version to buy. Thus, The Giant dealt with the wishes and preferences of his customers.

So it started in October 2009 that The Giant began to produce commercial gay amateur videos. He had already built several websites in the eight years before 2017 and filmed well over 100 videos. It all started with videos in which two people were able to see which forces measure, lift and carry and dominance games performed, but also showed significant differences in size and body differences, the contrast is simply brutal when a giant like The Giant stands next to you. In the years following many headlines and video requests and so created the following video categories:

Gay Lift & Carry | Gay Lift and Carry Porn | Gay Giant & Tiny Sex | Worship & Compare | Domination |Giant Feet

Today, The Giant has created a professional member site with the help of several companies, on which he has a lot to offer his loyal customers. The whole concept is long thought out and was also very elaborate in this complete implementation. But what does he offer there?

In the member’s area, for example, customers have the following new benefits as a Platinum Member:


  • Each day you will receive blog posts and pictures to which you can post comments and ratings and interact and participate interactively.
  • You have a video access area where you can access in categories sorted streaming movies in playlists, which you play via the HTML5 player integrated.
  • You have an area where you can even make video requests for your video wish and ideas.
  • You also get access to a live chat area where you can send a message directly to The Giant’s mobile phone.
  • Exclusively there is even a live cam access area, in which you have access to the live cam shows, which The Giant regularly announces via his newsletter and blog. For the communication there are two ways, to enter the anonymous 1 to 1 Chat module directly and alone with The Giant or even the possibility in an integrated Live Cam Group Chat.
  • You will also get access to all previous live cam shows in the form of saved recordings in a playlist of the HTML5 player in the live Cam access area.
  • Live Cam Bookings: Optionally, you also have the option to define and book an appointment yourself.
  • You regularly receive new videos at no additional cost, the annual costs are manageable and calculable with the payment via CCBill.

If you have any further questions, please visit our FAQ section.

Giant Lift and Carry Sex Movies Online

On this site is the member’s area of The Giant and its Giant Tube videos. He already knows millions of people from TV, the Internet, and the newspaper; he has become very well-known in the last ten years. To name some keywords, I’ll paste them so that I can find the right people through Google;

I offer here Lift and Carry Sex videos online, these are Gay Lift and Carry Tube videos. I am already running this Gay amateur fetish site for eight years now; there are also normal Lift and Carry Tube videos.

I am a real Huge Muscle Hunk and offer Giant Porn Videos online.

Meet The Giant

The Giant likes to compete and compare other men to his tall body. If you like to have a session with your tall Hunk, then apply to Your Giant’s Member Area now! He offers sessions and videos of lift and carries, size comparison, wrestling, boxing or dominating. Your Giant is ready and waiting for you. But you have to come to the tall man’s home city to meet him. You will be amazed! A session will provide you with the chance to participate in a thrilling and amazing experience with this very rare and stunning Giant.

At Giant Tube, your huge muscle hunk dreams will come true. You can stream and download videos of your Giant performing lift and carry porn video as well as the comparison of size and strength and much more. Your Giant is very massive and powerful! He offers videos performing small man lifts videos, wrestling and big & tall muscle domination videos with big power and many demonstrations of his strength. Find these all in the member area on this site. Watch your powerful & tall muscle Hunk in his videos: Lift and carry gay tube, muscle wrestling games, huge gay muscle domination, and comparison of myself to men!

Giant Sex Movies Online

The massive muscle Hunk is powerful and loves to make videos about lifting and carrying men and wrestling with his incredible strength and tall body. Your huge muscle hunk makes videos available to you in the member area. Enjoy the opportunity and check out the member area from Your Giant!

Gay Lift and Carry Porn Videos

He is the tallest Giant around by far, and he makes Giant & Tiny Sex Videos and much more. He is the huge muscle hunk with videos available for your Member’s pleasure. That`s right! Here you can see your Giant lifting, carrying, and dominating with is huge muscles! The lift and carry videos are very famous in the USA and around the world! Your Hunk is not just a tall guy; he is the tallest man around! Not to mention his well-trained super strong body! Your Giant can lift you up with one hand or carry you with his two big and long arms.

With this, the muscle giant wants to offer unique

The big strong giant offers you a wide range of videos, it goes to the wishes of its fans and will produce in its member page measure-shortened videos.

Videos of his giant feet

Also, foot fetishists are not too short; he also offers video requests to his huge giant feet.

Great Giant Bodybuilder

The huge bodybuilder has a lot of fun in the extreme sport and lifestyle. He has already done several sports and loves to push his limits. But he is also dominant in his videos and has great fun doing his strength and muscles to show and compare. He will give you daily insights into his life on his blog, and you can always write about the live chat with your giant.

About the Giant

Now let us divert our attention towards the star of the films, the Giant. He is a highly tall guy, who enjoys making the gay lift and carry porn videos, Giant, and tiny sex videos, etc. In addition to this, the Giant also makes fetish videos, which involve mostly a small man lift videos.
The Giant is not only a freakishly tall guy, but he is also the host of a strong body. The Giant put in an extreme effort to develop his muscles that give him that oh so sexy look. The Giant loves to go beyond his limits. He is not an ordinary guy, so he believes that he should also indulge in an amazing workout routine that incorporates sports into his lifestyle. This trait of his appearance in all of his videos, especially those that show him exhibiting his dominance. Furthermore, the Giant’s arms aren’t the only thing that is huge *wink wink*. He happens to have giant feet as well. The Giant is well aware of the needs and wants of all his fans, so he has decided to make your deepest desires come true. He is doing so by making giant feet videos that will soothe your feet fetish.

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