How can I cancel my membership?

You can contact the CCBill support directly at:

There you can also simply cancel your membership yourself.

What video categories are there in the members area?
There are the following categories:

Giant & Tiny Sex |

Lift & Carry Porn |

Lift & Carry |

Compare Videos |

Domination Videos |

Best of 2009-2014

Feet Videos |

Woman Videos |

Body Updates |

Workout Videos |

Other Videos

How does the live cam area work?
You can chat anonymously with The Giant in the live cam area. Enclosed you can see a video from the live cam area!
What is the payment method?

Payment is made directly via CCBill secure Flexform.

For billing help visit:

Can I express video requests in the members area?
Yes, in the members area, The Giant takes on the wishes of his customers.

How many videos has The Giant already produced?

The Giant has already released over 100 video versions of different kinds of videos.

How many new videos do members get there per month?

Minimum 1 new video a month, rather more and full access all videos.

How many videos are waiting for me in the members area?

You can expect the 100 video versions of different categories.

How many viewers are possible with a live cam broadcast?

There is no limit to a number of viewers of a live cam broadcast.

Do I have a chance to watch live cam videos later?

Yes, in the live cam access area all-live transmissions are also saved and can be seen later free of charge.

What possibilities are there to watch the videos?
There are several ways: -You can stream videos live and watch it on any device, there are no restrictions. It works with every computer and mobile device.
Where can I find the video downloads?
Downloads no longer exist, due to copyright infringements we already have enough to do with processes against it. Therefore, unfortunately, this will no longer be able to happen, we currently have some complaints on the way and there will be some more to follow! However, we will continue to charge any violation of our works
How often will the blog postings and pictures be watched?

It will be posted daily in the category Daily News blog posts.

Can I create a profile in the Members area?
Yes, in the members area you can create a profile with a photo, cover picture and share a social account with The Giant.

What are the categories in the member blog?
There are the following categories: Daily News | Live Cam | New Videos

Is my privacy protected from other members?

Yes, the site and the member’s area are safe and is maintained and serviced by a professional team of IT specialists.

Can I also post comments on blog posts?
Yes, it is also possible to post comments on blog posts.

Who is The Giant?

The Giant is a 7’1ft big and 350 lbs strong athlete and actor who run his little video production.

Can I ask additional information and questions to The Giant?

The Giant concentrates on his customers in the member’s area, shares his time, and experiences with them. Furthermore he chats with them and offers them customized videos. Therefore, unfortunately, he cannot write with people outside of his members’ side, because his members pay for his time and these insights and service.

How does The Giant receive the news about the members area?

He receives the messages directly to his Smartphone as well as the computer and tablet, always and everywhere.

Why does The Giant show no more free content?

He does not want to make this content accessible to everyone and to provide his power and time exclusively for his paying customers.

Why is after I canceled my account deleted after it has expired.

Due to our Privacy Policy and also the possibility to re-register, profiles will be deleted after the membership has expired.

Video: How to cancel the subscription