Giant Tube



This page is about The Giant, a 7’1ft amateur video actor.

He runs a small amateur video production for customers all over the world.

The Giant offers in his amateur video production already the following category:

Lift and carry and domination

All that tall giant vs. small man worship and compare videos.

This kind of videos you can online video on demand in the member area.


Meet Him

The Giant likes to compete and compare other men to his tall body. If you like to have a session with him, then apply to the Member Area now! He offers sessions and videos of lift and carry, size comparison, wrestling or domination.

Giant Videos

The Giant is powerful and loves to make videos about lift and carry men and wrestling with his tall body.

Signing up

Please note that your privacy is of utmost importance to us.

Hence, we will ensure that your information, which includes your financial details, identity, interaction with the Giant, and of course your live cam chats, will all be kept confidential.

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